PEAUFINEE Technology

PEAUFINEE Technology

We present the safest skin barrier care
solution for the most precious first
moments with CELLTRION셲 bio
technology and the personalized
formulas best for the skin condition.

PEAUFINEE Technology

Celltrion Bio 365 Derm Tech

CELLTRION BIO 365 DERM TECH is the skincare solution
that has studied the structure and characteristics of baby skin
which are different from those of adult skin.
It helps moisturize the skin and fortify skin barriers
with the effect of the three-layer stratum corneum for babies.

PEAUFINEE Technology

Baby-Ceramide Complex
Baby-Ceramide Complex

The complex of plant vernix caseosa components
which is suitable for baby skin with CELLTRION셲
plant-origin vernix caseosa.

떇臾쇱꽦 깭吏쓽 꽭씪留덉씠뱶 - 뒋룄 꽭씪留덉씠뱶 - 뿉肄 꽭씪留덉씠뱶 떇臾쇱꽦 깭吏쓽 꽭씪留덉씠뱶 - 뒋룄 꽭씪留덉씠뱶 - 뿉肄 꽭씪留덉씠뱶

Patent pending for plant-origin vernix caseosa
from plant-origin moisturizers.

  • Formation of skin barriers

    Ceramide in vegetable vernic caseosa

    The ceramide ingredient contained in vegetable vernix caseosa, enriched with hydrating ingredients and and squalane helps the formation of skin barriers.

  • Fortification of skin barriers

    CELLTRION synthetic Ceramide

    The ceramide synthesized with CELLTRION셲 technology to fortify the skin barriers.

  • Powerful moisturizers

    ECO Ceramide

    ECO ceramide with skin moisturizers enhanced with shea butter extracts and ceramide NP for powerful moisturization.