PEAUFINEE Brand story

Personalized formulas for
your children and family.

Peaufinee, a brand for babies and family
The fundamental of healthy skin is the
strong skin barriers!
We provide personalized skin barrier solutions for
your skin condition and age to form
healthy skin barriers with safe ingredients
that are closest to your skin.

Peaufinee, as a baby & family specialized brand, suggests the most suitable skincare solutions by studying the physiological characteristics of different skin types, from the baby skin, which has 3 less layers of stratum corneum and loses moisture 6 times faster than adult skin, to more aged skin.

Take a good care of your beloved baby셲 and family셲 skin with Peaufinee, a baby & family brand formulated with CELLTRION Bio Technology to fortify the skin barriers for smoother, healthier skin that stays delicate and soft like baby skin.

Peaufinee is a French word which means 쁢laborately prepared, high-wrought and/or 쁲ilky smooth skin.
PEAUFINEE brand Concept

Study of the characteristics of
adult and baby skin.

has discovered that newborns have three
less layers of stratum corneum than adults
until 365 days after birth.

Also, children under the age of eight since the 365 days after their birth, have the same skin structure as adult skin, but because of their skin immunity, they need healthy skin barrier while adults need their personalized solutions for their constantly distressed skin by external aggressors. Therefore, we셝 like to present Peaufinee for healthy, smooth skin based on our years of research.

PEAUFINEE Brand Philosophy

We promise.

Promise 1 We will always use safe ingredients.

Promise 2 We will provide mild products for sensitive skin.

Promise 3 We will provide skin barrier solutions that are
closest to and safest for the skin.

Peau, the character of baby셲 soft skin

Meet Peaufinee,
a story of Peau and friends

  • peau peau
    Baby Skin
  • booly booly
    Bubble Foam
  • o o
  • egid egid
    Skin protector
  • sole sole
    Warm sun
  • amo amo
    Full of Love

Healthy substances similar to
the baby셲 skin barriers, vernix caseosa.

Peaufinee for healthy skin with
mild substances safe for the
precious first moments.


Baby-Ceramide Complex

A complex of substances suitable for baby skin,
such as plant-origin vernix caseosa and ceramide,
to deliver moisturizing energy to the skin.


Corneo Sphere

A substance composed of multiple layers to serve as the second skin for baby skin to deliver the essential factors, such as amino acids, lactate, and phosphoric lipids for the stratum corneum.