DEARSIR Technology

DEARSIR Technology

A premium men셲 skincare brand based on solid research
results on male physiological characteristics.

NeuroCure꽓 Solution CELLTRION SKINCURE셲 original scent presents its specialty in
delivering mind-relieving effects to your body & soul.

Aqua Shuttle꽓 With the delivery technology that effectively transports
moisturizing ingredients, it increases moisturization.

DEARSIR Technology

Total Cure Solution
Skin soothing + moisturizing barriers + moisturizing & firming

Cure Solution 븞떚뿉씠吏, 닔遺꾪깂젰, 뵾遺 吏꾩젙, 蹂댁뒿옣踰 Cure Solution 븞떚뿉씠吏, 닔遺꾪깂젰, 뵾遺 吏꾩젙, 蹂댁뒿옣踰
  • Skin Soothing

    Paeonia Suffruticosa
    Root Extract

    Paeonia suffruticosa roots are rich in antioxidant compounds, known to be effective for skin soothing, and help men셲 tired and damaged skin.

  • Moisturizing Barriers

    Bio Bean

    Contains LPA that forms a moisturizing barrier on men셲 rough and dry skin to firm and fortify it in every way to improve the skin.

  • Moisturizing & Firming

    Aqua Shuttle

    The delivery technology that delivers moist deep into the skin through amphipathic substance structure