源깭씗 뼹援 궗吏

There is no deceit and exaggeration
for us.

There are many cosmetic products that will make you dramatically beautiful, but we wanted to make ones that realistically beautify
the skin itself. We have walked on a path different from that of other cosmetic brands. After tens of thousands of failures, we formulated CELLTRION SKINCURE with the innovative new materials that are
proven effective and safe.

Our underlying standard for cosmetic products is that functional products that claim to brighten the skin tone and improve the wrinkles should do so without deceit or exaggeration. To provide genuine cosmetic products with no deceit and exaggeration, we will always keep our principles to satisfy our own standards that may not look too high but that are difficult to abide by.

듃由ъ삩 뿰援 愿젴 궗吏


CELLTRION SKINCURE is the only company that
can develop and apply our proprietary ingredients to cosmetics
with the power of bio technology.

  1. We study the skin based on bioengineering technology.

    CELLTRION SKINCURE셲 cosmetic lab explores the
    wonders of skin for real-effective benefits.

  2. We explore and develop the new substances that are truly effective for the skin.

    We exclusively develop high-performance new substances that are applied actually to work effective on wrinkle improvement, brightening and moisturization in the formula.

  3. We enable the innovative delivery technology for the ingredients.

    You can experience amazing results with the new delivery technology
    that helps to maximize the effectiveness of substances.

  4. We prove the effectiveness through large-scale clinical tests.

    Our products are trustworthy as we prove their effectiveness and safety to skin through large-scale clinical tests.