苑 諛곌꼍 궗吏

Fragrances with

It is not just a fragrance that disappears
soon after lingering around the nose.
CELLTRION SKINCURE셲 Original Scents are the
new concept of fragrance for the comfort of
body and mind.

넄옂뿉 留블엺 씠뒳 諛곌꼍 궗吏

Make Your Life Beautiful with
Fragrances with Functions.

The new standard of fragrance suggested by CELLTRION SKINCURE.

  1. A fragrance with NEUROCURETM function for the comfort of body and mind.

    Each Original Scent is classified by its individual function for
    concentration and relaxation respectively, followed by an in-depth
    development of advanced functional fragrances for NEUROCURE꽓 & Mind Curation.

  2. The fragrances that aromatically represents the four seasons of Korea.

    An assortment of various scents that signifies and suits each theme of four distinct seasons in Korea.

  3. The fragrances collected from natural places in Korea.

    Combinations of fragrances that blend well among various Original Scents
    captured from the wood, flowers, fruits, water, and other natural places.

  4. The indigenous scents of localities along the Baekdu Mountain Range.

    With the indigenous sources of fragrances from Mt. Baekdu to Mt. Halla,
    you may enjoy the special scents of each locality anytime, anywhere through our Original Scents.

  5. The greater world of fragrances created naturally in harmony with various scents.

    Borrowing the concept of minute parts congregating to form a bigger unit of space,
    the scents blend harmoniously even when one scent is layered on top of another scent.

  6. CELLTRION SKINCURE셲 12 Original Scents with the beauty of seasons and scents of life.

    Berchemiaberchemiaefolia Koidz / Eumyangsu Springs / Lotus / Jungsan Forest /
    Miinsong / Pinus pumila / Viccinium uliginosum / Mulyeongari Oreum /
    Geumsangsong / Tangerine Field / Camellia Hill / Abies koreana

    * The above description is limited to the traits of Original Scents.