Studying the essence of skin.

The new innovative substance meticulously and
strictly developed after tens of thousands of failures
by the world-class bio pharmaceutical company,
CELLTRION. CELLCURE offers the fundamental
skin-improving benefits with our high-performance formula.


There is no deceit and
exaggeration for us.

Our underlying standard for cosmetic products is
that the functional products that claim to brighten the skin tone
and improve the wrinkles should do so without deceit or exaggeration.
To provide genuine cosmetic products with no deceit and exaggeration,
we will always keep our principles to satisfy our own standards that
may not look too high but that are difficult to abide by.


We promise

Promise 1 We will offer truly effective products with CELLTRION셲
proprietary new substances and formulas.

Promise 2 CELLTRION will make each and every cosmetic
ingredient with dedication.

Promise 3 We will prove the effectiveness of products through
internal and external clinical tests.


Only after listening to skin셲 needs,
We make the right formula to skin.

Study of actual efficacies
based on pharmaceutical technology.
We analyze the substances of which cosmetic products show its actual efficacy, and explore the wonders of human skin with Celltrion셲 advanced pharmaceutical technology.
Development of
new exclusive
active ingredients.
We exclusively develop and apply new active ingredients that are actually effective in improving wrinkles, brightening skin, and improving skin resilience.
Development of innovative
쁃elivery technology for active ingredients.
We make sure that the active ingredient is delivered well into layers of skin and actually works effective with our Delivery technology that helps to maximize effectiveness of the ingredients upon application.
Large-scale global
clinical studies and
long- term clinical tests.
We have conducted large-scale clinical tests at global pharmaceuticals level to prove the efficacies, effects, and safety of the products.
CELLCURE in Detail

We deliver
the effectiveness
of our innovative
new substances
to the skin.

CELLCURE, the cosmeceutical
skincare line formulated with CELLTRION셲
proprietary patented substances.

CELLCURE in Detail

New Ingredient


CELLTRION셲 first dual-function
ingredient for brightening and wrinkle improving.

Registered on ICID (International Cosmetic
Ingredient Dictionary) & patent applied.

New Ingredient


A new wrinkle-correcting ingredient that refines Clear WrinklesTM with the plant energy extracted from the wild Dolwoe (Gynostemma pentaphyllum) of Ulleungdo.